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     Thanks for your interest! I was lucky to be born and raised in one of America's rock-n-roll hubs.  Detroit has always been a booming music town and continues to produce some of the finest in all forms of music.  Add to that one of the best audiences around and one wonders how we didn't all end up in the business.

     My love of rock photography stems first of all from my love of the music.  Starting out in the Mid 70's, I was taking pics for myself because I loved the bands.  Slowly, over more than 38 years, 1000's of concerts, and even more photos, I have learned the true art of rock-n-roll photography.  I have now been published over 80 times and have a style of photography that stands out from all others.  You need the passion, And Drive These Days 

    Read on to see my photo credits and brief resume.  Also check out the next 2 pages for a list of the bands that I've had the pleasure to shoot over the years. also 2nd Web Site MySpace.Com/entertainmentphoto That Covers Many More Artists & Legends of Music Also Film And Screen


CD Photo Credit

Kid Rock: Early Morning Stoned Pimp, 1996.  All photos                                                             

Kid Rock: The Polyfuze Method Revised, 1996.  All Photos

Kid Rock: Devil Without a Cause, 1998.  Credit

Kid Rock: The History of Rock, 2000.  2 photos

Uncle Kracker: Doublewide, 2000.  Credit                                                                                                                                                    Greg Lake: From the Underground, 1998.  1 photo                                                                                  

Overkill:  Wrecking Your Neck-Live, 1995.  6 photos

Rhythm Corps.: The Future is Not What it Used to Be, 1991.  Credit

Randy Volin: Used Guitars, 1996.  All photos                                                                                                                                                    Randy Volin: Waking up with Wood, 2000.  3 photos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Oakland Press: Entertainment Section, 1989 & 1990.  Photo Shotgun Willie Band

Metro Times, 1989.  Photo Rhythm Corps.

Metro Times, 1995 & 1996.  Photo Kid Rock

Etch Magazine (Cover), 1996.  Photo Kid Rock

Rolling Stone, 1999.  2 photos Kid Rock

Big City Blues Magazine, 1999.  Photo Gregg Allman                                                                                                                                      Big City Blues Magazine, 2002.  Photo Gregg Allman                                                                                

Websites and Television

Kid Rock Website (www.kidrock.com).  5 photos

Steve Winwood Website (www.stevewinwood.com).  3 photos

Greg Lake Website (www.greglake.com).  4 photos

Sponge Website (no longer on the web).  15 photos

Randy Volin Website (no longer on the web).  8 photos

VH-1 Kid Rock: Driven (2002).  11 photos

VH-1 Kid Rock: Behind the Music (2006).  22 photos

Photo Employment

Sports Photographer, Crary Middle School, Waterford, MI.  1984-85

House Photographer, Ritz and Palladium Concert Hall, Roseville, MI.  1994-97

Head Photographer, Jim Beam Country Caravan Tour, Warren, MI.  1995

Photographer, Ashley Talent Group, Ann Arbor, MI. 1999 

Currently working on a stock photography project. and two Photo books- Kid Rock- "You Don't Know Me" Plus one not named yet Release Date?

Tommy Steele/ on going The Touring and in the studio 2012-2013